Do me a favor and think about your dream photoshoot. Are you, your family, your spouse dressed up or dressed down? Are you properly seated or standing on a grandiose staircase, or are you dancing in a big grassy field? Are the kids on their best behavior or are they playing? These are all questions you should ask yourself when trying to find the right photographer. So what the heck is the different between all these things? It’s whether you want a Lifestyle Photographer or a Portrait Photographer. This simple thing can make or break a photoshoot. 

A Lifestyle Photographer will capture life moments in your photos, they will try to make it as candid and depicting of your life as possible. They will put you into "poses" or help you figure out ways to play together that will land you some sweet sweet photos. There will be plenty of fun, laughs, and maybe even grumpy faces in these photos but they will be great if that’s the style of photography you enjoy!

A Portrait Photographer on the other hand is a skilled master of posing people and ensuring everyone is in that perfect spot… think formal. 

Before picking a photographer make sure to decide on what you want from your photoshoot. If you want proper poses with not a hair out of place, you will not enjoy your experience with a Lifestyle Photographer. And if you want messy and fun, you will not enjoy your experience with a Portrait Photographer. 

Now this doesn’t mean that each style of photography can’t do the other! But be sure to do your research, check the portfolio, talk to the photographer and be honest about your wants and needs so you both can determine whether it will be a good fit! 

Picking a photographer is like dating! - guys...this person will be joining you on one of the most important days of your life! Think about it, a day you will spend with all your loved ones needs someone there who fits in with your vibes. Treat your first meeting or engagement photoshoot as a way to hang out, get to know each other and let the photographer be themselves. This way, you'll know for sure you want this person joining you there during your celebration of love. Imagine your elopement in the mountains -rustic details, comfy but beautiful clothing, whimsical touches, allll the love, and a photographer dressed in a suit and Prada shoes.....

Pretty out of place right? Just like in dating the sometimes opposites don't attract with a service provider and that's quite alright. Because there's the right person out there for everyone.

Please send me a message below if you want to chat further on this topic or if you want to add to it. I love hearing from you guys!

Here's some examples of my work that depict lifestyle photography!

Hairs out of place, laughs are big, and memories captured!