I'll tell you what I'm not about - I’m not about coming over, pushing a button, and collecting pay. I’m not about capturing poses and forced smiles, but instead I’m here to capture belly laughs, tickles, booty grabs, dancing, and that absolutely contagious love that only you and your loved ones share. Those dirty jokes that make your eyes light up. And neck kisses that give you goose bumps. I will capture your feelings, these photos are first and foremost for you and your significant other. I want you to think about when you look back on the photos you take together 10, 20, 50 years from now and you can feel that same excitement again that you felt when you first got engaged or married or had a baby. Anyone can come to a photoshoot, tell you to stand pretty and smile. I will not do that, so please don't ask me to! There's nothing wrong with that kind of photography and there are many photographers out there for you if that's what you need. My goal is to make what could be kind of an awkward process into something fun, memorable, and silly! Do you like to eat twizzlers or drink wine out of a can? Just tell me the favorite brand and I will make sure to stock our cooler full of your favorite things! You want to be half naked in bed because that's where you're most comfortable? Count me in. There's nothing that makes me uncomfortable or weirded out, let's get weird together and make some photo magic.

Fun facts!

Ya'll.. I swear a ton! And no I have no southern roots, but my former coworker's "ya'll" stuck with me big time!

-I was born in Poland but grew up and am currently located in Chicago

-I joined the Chicago Police Academy (it wasn't for me)

-I hate to exercise but I love to do active things outdoors - so please take me on hikes!

-I went to school for nutrition, everything photography based is self-learned

-It's my dream to live in a bus for a year or two with my pup & super amazing partner 

-I take way too many pictures of said dog ^ (Skylie - the coolest German Shepherd Beagle Mix in the world) 

-I have quite a bit of experience in the restaurant industry. I managed and did event coordination in a Chicago Bar & Restaurant. I can handle 400+ people events, 3-7 events at once, and all while smiling big and ensuring the customer is happy. I can handle your wedding/event guys!

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