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Stacey & Kevin's Chicago Elopement 

You ever hear of those couples who JUST WANT TO BE MARRIED? I'm lucky to work with those kinds of couples on a regular basis! When Stacey & Kevin reached out to me from Oregon about their surprise Chicago elopement... I was damn intrigued. I'm pretty vocal about not saying yes to everything. Me and my couples have to vibe well, it's like dating!

Talking to the two of them during our initial FaceTime call was a blast, they're hilarious and we clicked instantly. We quickly decided to do the damn thing and work together! When they were planning their elopement, Stacey went off on a beautiful hiking trip in Nepal so me and Kevin were in charge of details. I'll never forget a few days after Stacey left Kevin texted me a picture of her with a crying emoji - poor guy missed her so much! 

But to say they planned the perfect elopement in the city is an understatement. They rented out the beautiful rooftop at Celeste, brought their beautifully decorated Chuppah, and ready for the best part? Told their closest family that they were having an engagement dinner so when everyone showed up they had the epic surprise of actually attending an elopement! The reactions were EPIC to say the least. 

Stacey & Kevin just wanted to be married. And they didn't want their day to be overshadowed by everyone's expectations, input, and stress. This was the best way to do exactly what they wanted, how they wanted it, and enjoy the heck out of their trip to Chicago! And can we all take a moment to appreciate Stacey's epic outfit that screamed drama in the most beautiful way? The epic Betsey Johnson rhinestone boots, the elegant Lulus dress, and the cool AF jacket and cape? I'm here for it all. 

Please note, Kevin requested that his face be kept off of the deep abyss of the web which is why there's no public sexy kissy photos but we sure did get creative! 

So if you want to elope in Chicago... let a girl know and let's plan something epic!



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