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Stephanie & Adam's Story


I have an unofficial rule: I don't photograph friends' weddings. There's many reasons for this, one being that I want people to hire the perfect photographer for them ALWAYS. I don't want them to pick me just because we're friends. But I also like to be able to fully enjoy my friends' weddings! But when these two got engaged, it was kind of an unspoken fact that I was shooting their wedding no matter what. How did I meet Adam and Stephanie you ask? I'd love to tell you!  I was referred to Stephanie by my Naturopath for acupuncture and she kind of changed my life! I think after our first session I was like well.... I need this human to be my friend because she's fucking awesome. And when she invited me out the first time to go get drinks I was pretty damn stoked, not gonna lie. Fast forward a year later, Stephanie and Adam opened up their own clinic together at which point Adam became my chiropractor and all out cheerleader in my newly single life, we've gone to Tulum together, and quite a few tequila shots at Louie's Pub and they're stuck with me for good.

So very long story short, they're fucking awesome and I knew their wedding was going to be one I'd love to be a part of. Stephanie is probably what I would be like as a bride. No fuss, no bullshit. She didn't care about the wedding part as much as she cared about the being married part. Their motto for their wedding was "it's chill" and those of you that know me know that's basically my life motto. 

They broke up their intimate Chicago  wedding into two days. Day 1 (day before NYE) was their beautiful, quick ceremony at Osteria Via Stato followed by a stupidly delicious dinner. Stephanie got ready (at her own pace and showed up late per the usual) with a badass hair and make up artist Corey Z and wore a stunning and elegant Sarah Seven dress, it was PERFECTION. About 15-20 of their closest family members were there. They walked down the makeshift aisle to a guitarist playing some sweet tune. Exchanged vows under a stunning arch while Stephanie's dad officiated (and pried their hands apart multiple times because these two truly cannot keep their hands off each other) and shared their first kiss. All done in under 10 minutes! They went to the back where 2 shots of tequila and limes waited for them and they downed those bad boys like champs. I think my favorite picture from that day is of Adam and Stephanie kissing post tequila and one of Stephanie laughing while holding a lime wedge.. it's very classic THEM. 

Day 2 (NYE) consisted of all of us getting together at The Tack Room where we enjoyed an open bar, speeches, a custom song for Adam and Stephanie, singer/pianist playing all the best tunes, and the company of some great friends  for 3 hours. I hired another photographer so that I could hang back and enjoy myself while still snapping some photos here and there. It was exactly what I pictured for their celebration. We then headed to Penny Whistle to dance and finish the night off with some midnight ringing in 2023 the proper way! 


Stephanie and Adam's day and weekend was quintessential THEM. It was a whole weekend filled with love, friends, family, joy, and just as relaxed as the two of them. There was no stressing about florals, no freaking out about timelines or seating charts, it was the perfect day for a couple that truly just gave a fuck about being married. Their friends and family were just a cherry on top! I hope everyone can have a day they've always dreamt of and that it's as special as theirs was. And although I don't normally shoot friends' weddings, I sure am glad I made an exception in this case!


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