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You ever dream about getting married in a castle? How about a wedding in Italy? Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast? Well Kim and Mickey sure did, and they made that dream come true in the best way possible! 

When they first reached out to me, they were planning a wedding in Chicago - a few weeks later me and Kim hopped on a FaceTime call and she asked if I'd be ok coming to Italy instead.... I mean if I HAVE to right?! The fact that I'm the luckiest human is not lost on me, don't you worry! 

They wanted to get married close to Mickey's Nonna's home in Ferentino Italy and Castello Teofilatto was the PERFECT location. A castle perched on top of a hill overlooking the city of Fiuggi? It truly doesn't get better than that! 

The best part of getting married in a beautiful castle? You truly don’t have to worry about decorations or centerpieces because the castle IS the decoration. 

The wedding was perfect, about 30 of their closest friends and family members came to celebrate. 


They got ready in their hotel, where 15 minutes before leaving Mickey informed us he didn't know how to tie a bow tie and I'm pretty sure we all look back on that moment with laughter at this point! Although most of the week was sunny, that day was cloudy and stormy and perfect in its own way. In the moment when your whole wedding is set to be outside, it can be dang stressful to see those storm clouds rolling in but the two embraced the changes, and Ilaria from The Circle Events  handled all the curveballs like a champ all while being a cool European drinking a glass of wine and having a cigarette. The day was split up between different areas of the castle, the dinner was a beautiful 2 hour, multiple stunning course affair that truly gave us a taste of the European way of savoring the moment. The food wasn't rushed, you were pleasantly forced to slow down and enjoy the moment and as a wedding photographer you typically get about 10 rushed minutes to eat a cold sandwich in the back of the kitchen. So me and Jacey from Hey O'Neill Photo  truly loved getting to sit with the family and savor every delicious bite of the seafood centered dishes!

The band was truly an amazing part of the day, they kept every moment lively and so fun it was easy to lose track of the day. The wine was incredible. The party was HOPPIN'. And the atmosphere was truly all love and joy. Like I said, I'm very aware of how lucky I am to be a part of these amazing days!

Kim & Mickey also happened to honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast where me and Jacey decided to take a quick trip to after the wedding. They didn't miss a beat with getting their honeymoon captured, they rented a private boat tour of the Amalfi Coast where me and Jacey got to join, sip on Aperol Spritzes, take photos of that post wedding bliss and swim in the warm, blue waters of Amalfi... It was the perfect end to the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.

So if you're wondering if you should or if it's possible to have that dream European wedding... this is your sign to just do it then turn it into the best honeymoon you could imagine!


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